Kaleid Logo Image smKaleid Theatre, as in kaleidoscope, as in collide, is a physical theatre ensemble. We are interested in how language, movement, music, and sound can come together to create a new, multi-sensory, multi-dimensional language, which allow us to explore issues that are not easy to talk about through one sense or dimension alone.

The things that mean the most to our communities are often the hardest to articulate. They frequently deal with emotion, power hierarchy, the divine, trauma, transcendence, even voicelessness. To explore these themes, Kaleid layers consistent and conflicting languages from different mediums – such as text, movement, music, or sound. This method allows us to mirror the layered experience of consistent and conflicting emotions and ideas that embody these human experiences, and to explore them in a more honest and fully articulated way.

We believe that art has the ability to grapple with the toughest issues in our society. It can explore questions that are difficult to understand and ideas that are challenging to validate. We are dedicated to using this multi-dimensional art form to explore these issues with our communities so that we can learn together and create the world we want to live in.

Kaleid Theatre is a program of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia, a charitable 501(c)(3) organization supporting diverse cultural practices in the Philadelphia region. CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia provides a charitable home and affordable shared management resources for arts and heritage programs of diverse disciplines and cultural traditions.


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