The productions that have lead to the development of Kaleid have always matched a rich visual landscape with a layered auditory one. From the first, self-produced Fringe show, Spill, to the crowd-funded Eurydice in Grand Central, the shows that Kaleid’s artists are drawn to have always been emotionally driven and deeply human.


Kaleid’s artists have worked with aerialists, composers, found text, fabric paints, and whatever else they could get their hands on to discover new ways to explore the world they share and new techniques to express themselves. They have looked to dance, song, and recording to weave together something truthful and whole.

Photos by Valerie Giacobbe. Take/Sacrifice 2015 image by Siona Stone. Take/Sacrifice 2016 by Emily Bucholz. Tuesday image by Saul Zayas. Scape-ing image by Daniel Ison.

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