Glow (2013)

About the Show

Glow was created for the 2013 Philly Fringe. It explores the deep human need for validation exposed by our compulsion to use, check, and constantly monitor the media in our lives.

Glow takes place in a world of screens, a world where validation becomes the foundation of identity. But in this world of gadgets and social media sites, this very identity is easy to undermine, manipulate, and efface. How do we write ourselves onto the world? How does the world write itself back onto us?

Production Photos



Featuring: Ashley Alter, Nina Giacobbe, Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez, Samantha Rose Schwab
Music and Sound: Adrian Bridges
Lights and Production Management: Ashley W. Mills
Direction: Sarah Mitteldorf
Photos: Valerie Giacobbe

Glow Materials

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