Thank you to everyone who made our first fundraiser cabaret such a success. The 2013 KaleidoCabaret brought together an amazing group of performers from Philadelphia and NYC. We spent the night exploring the idea of colliding with dancers, aerialists, musicians, and poets. We ended the performance with Kaleid Theatre’s new work, Bounce.

Afterwards, we celebrated an amazing evening with some of Kaleid’s favorite desserts, drew for the raffle, and spent time with our friends, family, and fellow artists. Performances, food, and company – it really is the best way to spend an evening.



The best part of this event was bringing together such a great community of performers. We will keep adding links so that you can stay up to date on what our friends and collaborators are doing.

Ben Grinberg – Master of Ceremonies

Aaron Berman – Lyra

Nina Giacobbe – Josie Learns to Love Again

Tangle Movement ArtsCharge
Featuring Lauren Rile Smith and Lee Ane Pompilio

Sarah Mitteldorf – Hornpipe

Ashley Alter – Tr’gnal Mi Jane Sandanski (Bulgaria)

Samantha Rose Schwab – The levee, breaking

Jonathen Wurzel – Juggling

Adrian BridgesSome of the Things You Do

Kimya Imani Jackson and Bianca Frisby – Pre/Post
Original text and Voice Recording by Bianca Frisby
Dance/Movement Shaping and Coaching by Kimya Imani Jackson

Laurie Lenox – Rope

Susan Gates – Addiction

Kaleid Theatre – Bounce
Featuring Nina Giacobbe, Rachel O’Hanlon – Rodriguez, and Samantha Rose Schwab
Directed by Sarah Mitteldorf
Music and Sound by Chris Feige


KaleidoCabaret 2013 Sponsors

Kaleid Theatre is lucky to be surrounded by other arts organizations and community businesses. We thank the following members of our community for their support of the 2013 KaleidoCabaret.


Production and Event Staff

Production Manager: Ashley W. Mills
Production Assistant: Jill Klecha
Rigging Supervisor: Lauren Rile Smith

Aaras Azuolas
Nina Giacobbe
Kaleid Company Members

Front of House
Nettie Bouldon
Christopher Hill

Photos by Valerie Giacobbe. Pictured (L-R, Top-Bottom): Ashley Alter, Laurie Lenox, Aaron Berman, Adrian Bridges; Samantha Schwab, Susan Gates, Nina Giacobbe, Jonathen Wurzel; Kimya Imani Jackson and Bianca Frisby, Lauren Rile Smith and Lee Ane Pompilio, and Samantha Schwab and Rachel. Lighting Design by Ashely W. Mills.

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