No Place Like (2014)

About the Show

No Place Like was created for the 2014 Philly Fringe Festival (Neighborhood Fringe).

No Place Like explored the concept of home – what it means to us, how we reflect it, and how we create it. Told through real-life memories and anecdotes, this piece explored the kaleidoscopic landscape of forgotten homes, broken promises, and new beginnings – where the personal is recognized as the universal, confessed secrets are communal affirmation of shared fears, and we see ourselves reflected and celebrated in each other.

Production Photos



Featuring: Rae Bradley, Nina Giacobbe, Jess Brownell, Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez, Samantha Rose Schwab
Sound Design: Adrian Bridges
Music Composition: Chris Feige
Music Director: Gina Purri
Lights and Production Management: Scott Cannon
Direction: Sarah Mitteldorf
Photos: Valerie Giacobbe

No Place Like Materials
No Place Like Quotations

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