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Rae Bradley || Creator-Performer
Rae is a recent Theatre graduate from Temple University, having dabbled in all areas of the craft, and also holds an A.A. in Theatre and Certificate in Creative Writing from Community College of Philadelphia. After having spent a number of years training in stage management, lighting, and stage combat (among other things), Rae has returned to her first love of performing, now with Kaleid. When she’s not busy being a theatre-geek, she enjoys luxuries like reading, writing, Xbox, and Netflix (particularly of the Doctor Who or Joss Whedon variety). She plans to continue her exploration of theatre through writing and directing. Much love to the four most important people in her life—you know who you are.

Photo by Valerie Giacobbe

Adrian Bridges || Sound Designer
Adrian is a guitarist and composer originally from Philadelphia and now living in New York City. He received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from New York University’s Jazz Studies program, with emphasis on guitar and composition, where he was honored as a Presser Scholar. As a versatile instrumentalist, proficient on guitar, banjo, mandolin, and bass, Adrian has played for numerous musical theater productions and music directed Less Than Rent Theatre’s Little Town Blues and Diva. He has worked with Kaleid Theatre as a sound designer and composer, developing the aural settings of Glow and both Eurydice productions.

Photo by James Jackson

Jess Brownell || Creator-Performer
Jess Brownell was born and raised in Colorado and made her way to Philadelphia by way of Cedar Rapids, IA where she earned her B.A. in Chemistry/Theatre at Coe College. That’s right, she’s not just a pretty face. Upon graduation, she took a job as an analytical chemist with a pharmaceutical company in the Philadelphia area but left the industry to pursue her acting career. Recent work includes: Mortimer in The Fantasticks (The Centre Theater), Camillo/Emilia/Player in The Winter’s Tale (Forge Theater), Trumpet Player in Noir (GDP Productions), Ensemble in Dust to Dust: A Brief History of Religious Violence (GDP Productions), Margaret McKivan in Independence After Hours (Historic Philadelphia, Inc.), and portraying Betsy Ross at the Betsy Ross House. Now, Jess is loving life. In her spare time, she can mostly likely be found crocheting or hand-sewing.


Scott Cannon || Production Manager || Lighting Designer
Scott Cannon designs lights and sets for theater, dance and opera. He began his technical theater career in San Francisco at Theater Artaud, where he was the House Technician for forty performing groups per year. He became the Production Manager for the Magic Theater in SF for 38 shows, including Sam Shepard’s “The Late Henry Moss” which featured actors Woody Harrelson, Sean Penn, Nick Nolte, and Cheech Marin. Scott currently manages the Shannondell Performing Arts Theater, a 500-seat venue in a deluxe retirement home, with 100 concerts and four community theater musicals per year. He also acts with Pages to Pirouettes, a Philadelphia ballet company which performs story ballets. Scott designed lights for Kaleid’s “Spill” in the 2010 Fringe Festival.


Chris Feige || Composer
Chris Feige, originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, has been composing and performing music for over 20 years and recently completed a master’s degree in music composition from York University in Toronto, Ontario. His primary interests are scoring music for theatre and film, small and large ensemble jazz composition and arranging, and producing electronic dance music, but the whims of fate have led to everything from composing for and singing in classical choral ensembles to playing keyboards in a 12-piece Michael Jackson cover band. He has composed music for Kaleid’s previous productions Spill, Eurydice in Grand Central, Eurydice in Market East, and Bounce, as well as endless pieces of techno for last year’s production of Polaroid Stories at Allens Lane Art Center.

Photo by Valerie Giacobbe

Nina Giacobbe || Creator-Performer
Nina spends most of her time sleeping and eating, but when she’s not doing that she’s probably daydreaming about it anyway. Credits with Kaleid Theatre include Spill, Eurydice in Market East, their short piece Bounce, and their 2013 Fringe production, Glow. She has also performed as a guest artist with Tangle Movement Arts and danced her bum off in 2012’s Le Grand Continental. Nina also studies aerials at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. When she’s not flipping around in the air, she loves to geek out about Harry Potter and Greek/Roman mythology.

Mike Lucek || Production Coordinator-Conceptualizer

Photo by Valerie Giacobbe

Sarah Mitteldorf || Creator-Director
Sarah is a penguin-lover, puppy scruffler, and theatre maker. With Kaleid, she’s created Eurydice in Market East, Eurydice in Grand Central, Bounce, and Glow. In 2012-2013, she worked with a group of nine to twelve year olds, who had been adopted from China, to create the piece Many Ways, which explored their individual and collective experiences and was featured in newspapers and stuff. She is shocked by how much of her life now involves baking cake for her actors. Arts careers are always unexpected, apparently.

Photo by Matthew Wright || Fig Tree Photography

Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez || Creator-Performer
Rachel is a Philadelphia based actress by night and EgoPo Classic Theater’s Company Manager by day. A founding member of Kaleid, she has been a theater administrator for three years and has worked with a variety of local theaters such as Simpatico Theatre Project, The Walking Fish, and Represented. She received her B.A. in Theater Arts from Rowan University, received the Joseph Robinette Award for Excellence in Theater and Dance, and was a 2010 semi-finalist in the Region II KCACTF. Favorite credits include Uncle Tom’s Cabin: An Unfortunate History (EgoPo), Missed Connections (Simpatico Theatre Project), El Nogalar (a reading, part of No Passport’s 30/30), and Glow (Kaleid Theatre, of course).

Gina Purri || Music Director – Conceptualizer


Samantha Rose Schwab || Creator-Performer
Sammi studied both theatre and biology at Barnard College. She continues this incongruous career as a PhD candidate in Ecology and Evolution at Rutgers University and as an environmental educator, while also performing with Kaleid. Past credits include: performances in The Beggar’s Opera (Miller Theatre, NYC) and Eurydice in Market East (2010 Phila. Fringe); as well as the staged reading of her original play Savage (Minor Latham Playhouse, NYC). She is honored to be intellectually and creatively challenged every day by her colleagues in both science and art.

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