Scape-ing (2017)

About the show

Scape-ing was produced in partnership with The Drama Group in Germantown, and performed at the First United Methodist Church of Germantown. A response to the presidential election of 2017, Scape-ing was an exploration of hate in space and in the body. Told through dance, plot-lines, poetry, and news articles, Scape-ing served as a theatrical investigation of violent human emotions, a personal reflection on the first months of a new administration, and a ritual of compassion.

Production Images


Pratima Agrawal-Creator/Performer
Vanessa Ogbuehi-Creator/Performer
Kaitlin Pribulsky-Creator/Performer
Gabriella Sanchez-Creator/Performer

Sarah Mitteldorf-Creator/Director
Ro Gauger-Lighting Designer
Daniel Ison-Sound Designer
Gina Purri-Composer

Photos by Daniel Ison and Saul Zayas.

Support for Scape-ing provided in part by The Philadelphia Cultural Fund and by the Charlotte Cushman Foundation.

Special thanks to Norris Square Neighborhood Project for their support of this project.

Scape-ing materials can be found here.

More Scape-ing info here.

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