Take/Sacrifice (2015)

About the Show

Take/Sacrifice was created for Mz. Fest, a festival of new works-in-progress created by women. Mz. Fest 2015 was hosted by Plays and Players and featured new works by Kaleid, TS Hawkins, and Re-Vamp Collective.

Take/Sacrifice navigated our iconic, archaeological, and modern histories of human sacrifice to explore what we cling to. What do we want so much that we’ll destroy each other for it?

Production Photos



Featuring: Pratima Agrawal, Jess Brownell, Jess Jacob, Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez
Sound Design: Adrian Bridges
Music Composition: Gina Purri
Lighting Design: Ro Gauger
Movement and Choreography: Nina Giacobbe
Direction: Sarah Mitteldorf
Photos: Siona Stone

Take/Sacrifice materials.
About the ensemble.

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