Take/Sacrifice 2016 Ensemble

Pratima Agrawal_1.4

Pratima Agrawal || Creator-Performer
Pratima is a theatre practitioner, educator, and administrator. She is thrilled to return to Take/Sacrifice, having collaborated on the work-in-progress in early 2015. She is particularly drawn to projects that involve the intersection of art and the examination/inquiry of societal concerns. When not working, she enjoys dark chocolate, taking in a Sixers game, or watching a movie. She is grateful to be in the company of amazing women and collaborators from whom she can learn and evolve in her art form.

A. Bridges
Photo by Zoe Bridges

Adrian Bridges || Composer – Sound Designer
Adrian is a guitarist and composer originally from Philadelphia and now living in New York City. He received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from New York University’s Jazz Studies program, with emphasis on guitar and composition, where he was honored as a Presser Scholar. As a versatile instrumentalist, proficient on guitar, banjo, mandolin, and bass, Adrian has played for numerous musical theater productions and music directed Less Than Rent Theatre’s Little Town Blues and Diva. He has worked with Kaleid Theatre as a sound designer and composer, developing the aural settings of No Place Like, Glow, and both Eurydice productions. www.adrianbridges.com.

Ro Gauger

Ro Gauger || Lighting Designer
Ro is a recent graduate from Arcadia University with a BA in English and currently serves as the Technical Theater Coordinator for Rosemont College. She has previously worked on productions of On the Verge, Proof, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Arcadia University. Ro designed lights for the Kaleid’s work-in-progress showing of Take/Sacrifice last spring and their full show Undiscarded This past fall. She is both honored and thankful to work alongside such talented artists!

Jessica J

Jess Jacob || Creator-Performer
Jess has been participating in and loving theatre since she could walk. She has recently graduated from Arcadia University with a BFA in acting. Her perilous credits include The Collector, fml:how Carson McCullers saved my life and A Midsummer Nights Dream to name a few. This is her first time working with Kaleid and she is beyond excited to work with these amazing women to create this piece.


Samia Merritt || Developer-Performer
Samia is excited to be a part of Kaleid’s production of Take/Sacrifice. She has recently been in EgoPo’s The Children’s Hour as Rosalie. When not on stage Samia enjoys teaching at Arcadia University and working as a stitcher and costume designer. Samia would like to thank her fellow crew and cast for inviting her along on this wonderful journey of storytelling.

© Jacques-Jean Tiziou || www.jjtiziou.net

Sarah Mitteldorf || Creator-Director
Sarah is a penguin-lover, puppy scruffler, and theatre maker. With Kaleid, she’s created Eurydice in Market East, Eurydice in Grand Central, Glow, and No Place Like. In 2012-2013, she worked with a group of nine to twelve year olds, who had been adopted from China, to create the piece Many Ways, which explored their individual and collective experiences and was featured in the Inquirer. Last summer, She directed the staged reading of Wide Open Spaces by Lindsay Harris Friel at the Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival. In 2015, She was an invited to speaker at the National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival. She is honored to work with amazing creators – artists who always challenge her to grow.

Photo by Matthew Wright || Fig Tree Photography

Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez || Creator-Performer
Rachel is a Philadelphia based actress and currently earning her Master of Arts in Theatre at Villanova University. A founding member of Kaleid, she has served theater administrator for years and has worked with a variety of local theaters including Simpatico Theatre Project, The Walking Fish, and Represented. She received her B.A. in Theater Arts from Rowan University, received the Joseph Robinette Award for Excellence in Theater and Dance, and was a 2010 semi-finalist in the Region II KCACTF. Favorite credits include Uncle Tom’s Cabin: An Unfortunate History (EgoPo), Missed Connections (Simpatico Theatre Project), El Nogalar (a reading, part of No Passport’s 30/30), and Glow (Kaleid Theatre, of course).

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